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Remote Control Motion Security Light

Motion Security Light with Audio Alarm and Wireless Remote Control

This innovative Motion Security Light system with Audio Alarm offers the ultimate in intruder protection. The Audio alarm function is controlled by a wireless remote control so you can arm and disarm the audio alarm function remotely. This way you can enjoy the convenience of a security light without the audio alarm blasting. Once you arm the audio alarm using the remote control the audio alarm circuit is activated. Your intruder will have the light shinning on him and the 100db audio alarm blasting in the quiet of the night. This combination of a security light and a loud audio alarm is a great combination to scare off an intruder. The range of the remote control is more then 100 feet so you have plenty or range to arm and disarm the audio alarm. This security light with alarm system requires typical 110 volt house voltage to power it and is quite easy to install. This listing does not include the light bulbs.

Made here in the USA!!!!

This item is only available to U.S. Customers!!!